10 August 2010

Offshore #oilspill review gets indefinite extension

A provincial government review of offshore oil spill response that was supposed to be done with 90 days will now have an indefinite extension.

The initial news release  - issued May 12 - said that the “consultant will meet with the Department of Natural Resources to develop a work plan to complete the scope of work within 90 days.”

That means that under the original deadline, the commissioner was supposed to hand in his report on August 12.

In a news release issued on August 9, natural resources minister Kathy Dunderdale said he would now have an extension.  She didn’t indicate the new deadline.

Dunderdale said the the extension came at the request of the commissioner. She did not say if the extension came as a result of the consultation that was supposed to happen three months ago in order to ensure the work was done by the original deadline or if it came more recently.

- srbp -

Polling month update: This post was written based on the news release issued by the department on 09 Aug 10.

While Dunderdale didn’t think it was important enough to mention in the news release, both the Telegram and CBC are reporting that Dunderdale expects to receive the report in November.

November is the next polling month. How convenient.

But how firm is that deadline?