18 August 2010

Orcas and Minke whales off Newfoundland: video

Video from Trinity Eco-Tours of an orca pod attacking a minke whale in Trinity Bay Newfoundland:

Last week, CBCNL posted video of a similar attack off Tors Cove on the Avalon Peninsula.

Trinity Eco-Tours has other video on its website including this one of a humpback in relatively shallow water.

From the company website:

Robert Bartlett is your skipper. A native Newfoundlander, his love of the sea and of Newfoundland history drew him to the Trinity area where he has chosen to live.  He has over 25 years of sea experience and is fully certified in boat and tour operations.  

Robert is an avid SCUBA diver.  Newfoundland has many shipwrecks spanning many periods of history.  In the Trinity harbour alone, there are three separate known wrecks that can be visited including the wreck of the HMS Spedwell, an English frigate that sank in 1750. Robert does offer SCUBA tours to these wrecks for interested and experienced SCUBA divers only.  He also offers dives to see the various sea life in the bay.  If interested in knowing more about a diving adventure please call and let us know. 

"One thing that I love to share is my love of the ocean, its secrets and its occupants. Yours will be a day trip experience that will be treasured as the highlight of your travels here."  - Robert Bartlett 2009.

Pictures and videos on the website highlight whales, icebergs, wrecks and the awesome rugged beauty of the ocean, cliffs and majestic nature of the bay. Most of the pictures were taken by Robert Bartlett above and below the water. All pictures were taken on our tours and used with express permission of the photographer. Their experiences were unique, so will yours.

- srbp -