09 August 2010

Connies and "stimulus"

According to the parliamentary budget officer, capital works projects funded by the federal government's stimulus program are far enough behind that some of the provinces and cities might lose out on the promised cash from Ottawa.
According the PBO report, an optimistic projection would see all projects finished on time, a middle scenario would see 936 projects unfinished by the deadline resulting in $293-million or 7.3 per cent of infrastructure stimulus money going unspent. A pessimistic scenario would see 1,814 projects missing the deadline, resulting in $500-million - or 12.5 per cent - of the infrastructure stimulus lapsing.
Meanwhile in the easternmost province, a Reform-based Conbservative Party has consistently had trouble delivering everything from capital works to legislation. Cost over-runs are now the norm.

And if that wasn't bad enough,almost half of their "stimulus" was actually old stuff already underway.

- srbp-