07 August 2010

Anatomy 101 #fail

Sometimes people can get a bit buggered up in their discussion of technical issues.
Like for instance, the hot subject of "liberation therapy" as a treatment some people are proposing for multiple sclerosis.  This involves inserting a small balloon into veins at the back of the neck in order to open up the blood vessels and allow greater blood flow.
Here's how one blogger described it recently:
Unlike angioplasty liberation treatment goes deeper into the veins in patients heads than typical angioplasty

The procedure involves a small incision in the groin to insert a catheter into the blocked vein that is opened with a small balloon.
That is exactly how it appeared, dropped punctuation and all. Deeper in the patient's head apparently involved going "in the groin". Let's leave aside entirely the definition of what angioplasty is and hence what "typical angioplasty" might be.

Let's just look at the description of heads and groins.

Now your humble e-scribbler is not a doctor, nor does he even play one on television.  Yet at the same time, this connection of the head, neck and groin by the unnamed blogger appears to be something of  an epic failure of basic human anatomy.

Well, that is unless he thinks peoples' heads are supposed to be up their asses.

- srbp -