31 August 2006

Beowulf it ain't

From vocm.com comes this update on the Saga of Danny Clench Jaw and Tom Shakey-Legs as they voyage eastward across the ocean from Vinland to Iceland, ancestral homeland of the Norsefoundlanders:
Given what he has seen so far, Williams says the possibilities for Newfoundland and Labrador are endless. He says Iceland is an island on the edge of the Arctic Circle and if it can be done there, it certainly can be done in this province. Williams says he'll be taking a close look at Iceland's energy model. Williams and Rideout are also visiting Norway for meetings with government officials and Norsk Hydro.
Now right off the bat, da byes are supposed to be heading back tomorrow so if they are actually still in Iceland they are gonna have to get a push on.

But anyway, if this little story is right Danny Williams is going to look at how Iceland generates energy since "if it can be done there, it can certainly be done in" Newfoundland and Labrador.

Minor problem.

Iceland happens to sit on some pretty special geological real estate such that they country has active hotsprings and a volcano that's been known to erupt every so often. 87% of the country's heating needs are supplied by geothermal energy. That's heat from the Earth to you and me.

So of course, not everything done there can be done here.

Clint Eastwood is shooting a movie based on the American invasion of Iwo Jima in the Second World War. He's going to Iceland because it is cheaper and easier to reach than Iwo and it just happens to have volcanic soil that looks a lot like the soil in Iwo.

Checking the map, we see no record of a volcano in Newfoundland or Labrador in recent times although we have had a couple of politicians with volcanic tempers.

Not the same thing.

Sadly it seems that as Clench Jaw and Shakey-Legs wander the eastern seas in search of political Valhalla, they are becalmed in the Sea of Hyperbole.

Perhaps they'll have better luck in Norway as the Saga continues.

[At right, Tom Shakey Legs models a traditional Norsefoundland helmet for his Icelandic breathren.]