05 August 2006

Shameless fan-ism second installment

Yes, you've read it here before.

It's true.

I am a fan of Lynda Calvert (left).

And we are overdue for the annual "It's nice to have Lynda anchoring the local news" post.

and it is great to have her back, even if it is just another summer fill-in job while the regular anchor takes a vacation.

Just like it's great to have someone other than Karl Wells doing the weather. As solid as Karl is, the guy has just grown kinda dull in the job. His replacement created a buzz because she is funky and unconventional in her approach. Once she got over a few distracting visual tics - like the need to bend at the knees when she moved her arms - her delivery got better.

There's a tendency in news anchoring to stick with the tried and true. With its new format, though, the revamped Here and Now supperhour news can mix things up a bit in the search for a format and content that draws more viewers.

Let's consider some shake-ups, like leaving Kris in weather and sending Karl off to do quirkier, human interest stories. The guy is probably crying for a break after centuries of pointing at the bloody blue screen.

Sometimes a change is as good as a rest.