24 August 2006

Why so touchy Bill?

Local radio call-show host Bill Rowe seemed unduly sensitive this afternoon as local pundit-of-all-trades Simon Lono pointed out, among other things, that a current down-turn in the local housing market is directly attributable to the Premier's decision on Hebron.

Rowe, who worked for Danny Williams in Ottawa less than a year and a half ago, seemed genuinely uncomfortable with the remarks that obviously challenged the official line coming from the Premier's Office.

"So what's your point?" sneered Rowe is the unwarrantedly condescending way he has of treating some callers. Lono made the point several times. That included walking on Rowe several times as the Premier's former ambassador to OC-Transpo tried to butt in, in order to offer the view that everything was fine and that everyone supported Danny Williams knowing the financial repercussions.

But why was Bill so rattled by Lono? And why did the local callers orchestrated by the Premier's Office go into overdrive today specifically to attack Lono personally?

Well, the answer may lie in innovation minister Trevor Taylor's allusions earlier in the day to wannabe politicians on the airwaves.

Maybe the Danny machine is worried Lono will run in Signal Hill-Quidi Vidi and offer yet another candidate to run against the one Danny is trying to anoint. There's no secret that here at Bond Papers, we'd back the experienced, articulate Lono. His sharp tongue would make short media work of inexperienced, hand-picked candidates or even old hands at the bar for that matter. His frank talk would make a refreshing change from the orchestrated palaver - the word of the week - we get from politicians these days.

Danny-backers might want to be careful what they wish for.