24 August 2006

Who loves ya, baby?

Well, at least who seems to be able to call it correctly for you?

While we are a long way from Telly Savalas, seems the shortage of follicles at Bond Papers allows for a clearer vision on some issues.

1. Thought there was something fishy about that guy:

The federal Conservative commitment on fisheries issues like custodial management. Now the whole idea may be a crock, anyway, but the current fish minister in Ottawa campaign long and hard about the whole issue before he went into cabinet.

While only some people were too busy riding the Connie campaign bus to notice Loyola Hearn's hypocrisy, regular readers of the Bond papers were given a simple set of reports - back in January - as Loyola Hearn's party and then Loyola himself abandoned his pre-election posture.

We did it during the election and we reminded you at every juncture since just how much Minister Hearn sounded like his predecessor.

2. Federal presence really means my presence in a federal ministers office.

How times change.

Public servants were griping about cuts to federal jobs in the province.

The Harris Centre at Memorial University issued a "study" on federal presence during the election and promised a second report in February 2006.

Loyola Hearn and Norm Doyle - indeed all the Connies - harped on about how the evil Liberals had taken away the province's fair share of federal and promised to do things differently.

Then the election came and Loyola went to cabinet.

Now, federal public servants are worried about job cuts.

There's no sign of the Harris Centre's second "study".

And Loyola?

Well, he said the day after the election that the whole thing about federal presence was a bit of a crock anyway.

3. Papers, please.

During the election Connie supporters - including the candidates themselves - dismissed comments that drew attention to the plank in their platform about rapid execution of deportation orders.

They chimed in to criticise the evil Liberals about the Portnoys.

Well, the rapid deportation order thing was real.

And, as for Loyola, he is still pussy-footing around, trying to line up a tango with his buddy Norm Doyle so they won't have to be seen to back their party - yet again - and go against what is politically popular in their ridings.

Now let's be clear. The Portnoys should be deported for a whole bunch of good reasons. And let's not forget that if it were not for political interference in the case by politicians from all parties, the poor family wouldn't be holed up in a church basement in Marystown.

So with those three examples under your belt, let's ask the question:

Who loves ya, baby?

Not the guys who constantly jerk you around saying one thing before an election and another thing afterward.