08 August 2006

Gordo and the return of the Connie pork brigade

We've written before about the odd choice of Gord O'Connor, the former lobbyist for defence manufacturers and old-style retried general as Minister of National Defence.

Head to back to articles written in the late winter and early spring and you'll see comments on the obvious shortcomings O'Connor's defence policy which was designed to turn defence spending into pork.

Well, today's Globe has the story of the Stephen Harper administration invoking a national security clause in the Agreement on Internal Trade that allows the feds to micromanage where in the country $8.0 billion in defence spending will go.

There is a trough.

As much as the Connies used to criticize those with their nose supposedly in it, once in power, the Connies are following a long established Conservative tradition of wasting defence dollars and using defence spending as goodies to hand out for political gain.

How long will it be before Steve has the Gucci loafer closet filled, too?