08 August 2006

Take all the time you need

The Ruelokke v. Government of Newfoundland and Labrador case ended yesterday before lunch.

The Williams administration knew the decision was coming and knew there were basically only two possibilities. Either they'd win or they'd lose. Since the Premier already committed to abide by Mr. Justice Halley's decision - whatever it was - then there really isn't much to ponder.

So why is the provincial government having such a hard time giving its official reaction - even a preliminary reaction - to the decision?

The Premier has been noticeably silent, indeed he's been all but invisible these past few weeks.

Word on the street is that the powers that be can't sort out who will speak: Will Danny Williams go out there and deal with it himself or will he send his proxy minister, Kathy Dunderdale?

Take all the time you need, gang.

The way government has handled this file tells us all a great deal about how this administration operates.

Their lack of a reaction on this file is just part of the bigger picture.