02 August 2006

The Premier's e-mail address

In the story running around today about someone spoofing the Premier's e-mail address, there seems to be some confusion - or at least a lack of clarity - about what went on.

When the provincial government's information technology czar refers to "the Premier's e-mail" he seems to be referring to the generic address "premier@gov.nl.ca". This is a general address that Danny Williams doesn't use or damn well shouldn't be using.

That address is there for show. It's like info@xyz.com. If this is the address that started turning up at 0100 hrs, it should have been possible to determine the e-mails were fraudulent immediately.

According to the IT czar it took upwards of 20 minutes to confirm there wasn't a security breach.


If the unidentified individual has the Premier's real e-mail address - that is the one Danny actually uses - then there was possibly a much more significant security breach at the Confederation Building.