08 August 2006

Stuck in a decision loop?

Rule 1: The Boss is always right.

Rule 2: If the Boss is wrong, see Rule 1.

Amateur computer programmers Geeks and nerds many microchip-centuries ago used to like setting up loops in their programs and watch what happened.

or sometimes they'd make a loop by accident and wonder why their computer stalled.

Is the Williams decision-loop slowing response to the Halley decision on max Ruelokke?

It's well over 24 hours since the decision and no sign of a response from government yet.

Could it be the government is in a decision loop?

If they appeal the decision they are guaranteed to lose. This will only increase the criticism of the Premier for fighting a lost cause anyway. Note the only public support he has on this file is from people who get regular messages from his office telling them what to say.

If he accepts Max, as he should, then the Premier has to admit he lost....that maybe he was wrong.

At no point has Danny Williams ever admitted to making an error nor has he apparently ever lost. There's always been an ability to redefine the issue so he comes out smelling like a rose.

This isn't a question of ego.

Put that aside and the decision becomes easy. Let's move on and get to the bigger issues facing the province.

Make a decision and accept the judgment and the story is gone in less than 24 hours.

Delay a decision or worse - appeal it - and the bleeding will continue for weeks and weeks.

Then you can add this bleeding to the other bleeding on so many fronts and the regular CBC Radio political updates will be re-named "The Premier Has A Bad Week, Week 52".

We don't need it. Danny doesn't need it.

We need the Premier to get back to working on the files that have a promise of success for him and for the province as a whole.