23 August 2006

What do you do...

when you go from being a guy who liked to claim he fought The Man to being The Man himself?

Well, if you are Danny - The Manny - Williams, you bitch about the New Democrats for trying to fix up a selection process so their candidate could win.

Never mind that all Jack Harris and the New Democrats get to figure out here is when Jack will resign. Never mind that Jack already made it plain he will be resigning. Never mind that - contrary to what The Man said, it is routine for political parties to select candidates to run in a pending election even when the incumbent is still in place.

Meanwhile, The Man will decide the date of the by-election.

The Man will spend whatever public cash it takes to get The Man's man elected.

The Man will spend every waking minute knocking every door in the district to win because The Man wants every single seat.

The Man will send every one of his MHAs and cabinet ministers into the district to win.

Having The Man whine about some trying to rig a selection process is like Bill Gates moaning about someone with an abacus trying to muscle in on the high speed computer market.

To be quite frankly honest, the level of whining The Man is doing here is silly.

Quite honestly. Quite frankly. Frankly, Honestly. Quite honestly, frankly...

Suck it up there, Danny.

After all, you are The Man.

Act like it.